Sisal is extracted from the Agave Sisalana plant, which is farmed in the sub-tropical regions of Mexico, Brazil and East Africa.

The leaves are dense with a fine texture and are hand-picked before being crushed to extract the pure white fibres known as sisal. Sisal is recommended for heavy domestic and medium contract situations.

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Sisal Collection

Bouclé: Avington
Bouclé: Bayford
Bouclé: Beaumont
Bouclé: Bentley
Bouclé: Bitterne
Bouclé: Brockton
Bouclé: Broome
Bouclé: Bucklers Hard
Bouclé: Burnage
Bouclé: Cognac
Bouclé: Hayle
Herringbone: Helston
Herringbone: Hinton
Panama: Donegal
Panama: Dragon
Panama: Pershore
Panama: Pewsy
Panama: Plumbly
Panama: Polsham
Panama: Tiger's Eye
Super Panama: Crisobal
Super Panama: Merida
Super Panama: Tijuana


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