The quality of an Allwool carpet is determined by the properties of the fleeces. For maximum softness, wool from sheep bred in mild climates is used.

These sheep have clean fleeces, producing wool, which is easy to dye with minimal bleaching. Carpets and rugs made from 100% wool have natural properties, which make them delightfully soft underfoot but highly practical too.

Not only is wool hard wearing and durable it is also flame retardant and has a natural resilience to dirt and crushing. Wool is recommended for heavy domestic and medium contract situations.

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Allwool Collection

Bouclé: Creme
Bouclé: Latte
Bouclé: Natural
Bouclé: Stone
Bouclé: tawny
Cord: Barley
Cord: Corn
Cord: Pampas
Cord: Wheat
Ribbed: Barossa
Ribbed: Coonawara
Ribbed: Coromandel
Ribbed: Garnet
Ribbed: Yarra
Textured: Candlebark
Textured: Mountain Ash
Textured: Snow
Textured: Willow

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